New year at the DTH: A time of candor, collaboration and creativity

The new school year at The Daily Tar Heel has brought with it more than the usual number of changes. We have a new editing crew — led by Editor-in-Chief Jane Wester. We have a new general manager, Betsy O’Donovan. And we have a new plan for how to deal with the financial challenges of the […]

5 reasons to come to the DTH summer networking events

The Daily Tar Heel Alumni Association is getting close to the first of four DTH summer networking events. We’ll be in Charlotte from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday. In July, we’ll have three more events: July 9 in the Triangle; July 13 in New York City; and July 14 in Washington, D.C. You can RSVP to the events […]

DTH Media Seeks New General Manager

DTH Media Corp. is seeking a General Manager to lead and innovate the business operations of one of the nation’s best independent student news organizations. This position provides a national platform to demonstrate innovation in the field of nonprofit community journalism and is an ideal opportunity for someone who wants to use their talents in […]

Welcoming a new class of DTH Alumni

The Class of 2016 will graduate from UNC on May 8, but they became DTH alumni sometime around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, April 27. The last print deadline met, the final online interactive built, it was time for one more post-production trip to Linda’s. The seniors published plenty of goodbyes, both in the DTH and […]


Jane Wester selected 150th DTH Editor-in-Chief

The DTH newsroom has a new leader. University Editor Jane Wester was selected editor-in-chief for the 2016-17 school year on Saturday. Here’s the story about Jane’s selection that was published in The Daily Tar Heel. You can also read her platform and a story about her candidacy. The other candidates who interviewed for the position were Copy […]


UNC in the National Championship game!

UNC plays Villanova tonight for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, and it’s been busy at the DTH to say the least. There are five DTH journalists in Houston covering the game: Pat James, Carlos Collazo, Katie Williams, David Allen and Kendall Bagley. You can read their work here. Meanwhile, other DTH staffers have been busy planning for […]

Twelve editors-in-chief attended the 2016 Alumni Homecoming. From left: Erica Beshears Perel, Sharif Durhams, Paige Ladisic, Hugh Stevens, Jenny Surane, Edwin Yoder, Kelly Ryan Gilmer, Andy Thomason, Erin Zureick Dunn, Andrew Dunn, Todd Cohen and Wayne Hurder. Photo by Erik Perel

Thanks for a fantastic Alumni Homecoming weekend!

Hi DTH alumni, Over the weekend, about 70 of us gathered in Chapel Hill for the inaugural Daily Tar Heel homecoming. It was a huge success! Alumni from several generations, including 12 editors-in-chief, attended. We had two jam-packed days of networking and professional workshops led by alumni doing innovative work in journalism and media. On […]

Coming to Chapel Hill this weekend? Things to know!

Thanks for registering for the DTH Alumni Homecoming Weekend! Here are things you need to know while you are in Chapel Hill for a fun-packed weekend. The schedule/locations: Read a detailed schedule of events here. You are welcome to come to as many or few of these events as you would like. Our full weekend […]

Who’s coming to the DTH Alumni Homecoming?

We are less than two weeks away from the Alumni Homecoming, and exactly one week from the ticket deadline. DTHers are deadline-oriented people, but you know you’ll feel better if you hop off the fence and buy your ticket! If you are curious about who’s coming, you can browse the RSVPs on the Facebook event. It’s shaping […]

The mug

“College is just an excuse to work for The Daily Tar Heel:” merchandise

    The quote If you worked at the DTH in the 1990s and early 2000s, you knew Professor Chuck Stone. He taught censorship and magazine writing, but what he really did was inspire us all with his stories as a pioneering black reporter and columnist. In Philadelphia, his reporting on police brutality and the […]