Join us in Chapel Hill on Feb. 17-18 for the DTH Birthday Celebration and Alumni Homecoming

The 2017 DTH Birthday Celebration and Alumni Homecoming will be on Feb. 17-18, 2017.

It will include professional development opportunities on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, time to socialize with friends on Saturday afternoon (or attend a basketball game), with dinner on Saturday night at R&R Grill and an after-party at Linda’s Bar.

We’re also planning a DTH birthday storytelling event for Friday night, which will include separate ticketing.

For alumni, your $50 ticket gets you access to professional development sessions on Friday and Saturday as well as dinner plus drinks at R&R Grill on Saturday night.

For non-alumni: your $50 tickets gets you access to the professional development sessions. (You can purchase a dinner ticket separately for $35.)

Stay tuned for more details about the weekend!